Re: New Window 11 loaded and cant see DX Monitor to set audio alerts

VE3SUN - Peter Jennings

Apps disappear from the Volume Mixer if they have not output any sound recently.

Test the sound using the option menu in the Alert window and change the alert sound.

F4 - Options - Check Play alert.

Choose Sound File ...

Choose one like dx.wav

It should play the sound AND the DX Monitor app should show up in the Sound Mixer.

I have no problems with W11 Pro and have had no reports of sound problems from other users.


On Mon, Jun 13, 2022 at 7:10 PM K5OA <russ.guidrysr@...> wrote:
Had blue screen and had to reload Windows 11 Home and lost now use of Dx Monitor only the audio alert part.

11 just does nto show it as in the audio mixer anymore.
Thansk if any help

73, Russ

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