Re: Limit on Call Posts

VE3SUN - Peter Jennings

Hi Jim,
I checked the menu Send Spot (I think that is where you are) and it does not truncate the callsign.

If sending via Telnet, the call limit is 13 characters and it is truncated. BY1CRA/WO22 should be OK.

Or, perhaps you were referring to something else.


On Sat, Feb 12, 2022 at 9:40 AM Jim McCook W6YA <JimW6YA@...> wrote:
I just noticed once again that DX Monitor seems to limit the length of a call posted.  I just posted BY1CRA/WO22 but it didn't appear, although it did show on DX Summit.  I saw several posts for the same station that followed on DX Summit but they never appeared on DX Monitor.  What is the maximum number of characters that is possible in a call sign post?  Jim W6YA

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