Re: Beta Version 1.90

VE3SUN - Peter Jennings

Sounds like you might have moved rather than copied a file.

Don't worry about the inx - that is only if you are saving and loading profiles and you have to load an entire profile at once with all the other settings and 5 inx files.

Make sure you have a file called Lid List.txt and in it should be a simple list of calls BEFORE running DX Monitor.

Perhaps some of it could have been direct, but there are lurkers who will learn from our exchanges and people coming along 6 months from now who will see an answer they need. My email is below.


On Tue, Dec 14, 2021 at 12:55 PM Jim McCook W6YA <JimW6YA@...> wrote:
We probably should do all this offline, but I don't see an Email address for you on  Anyhow, got the 1.91 program working again, so all I need to to is restore my complete LID list from the previous version without making another mess.  I copied Lids My Profile.inx from the old version and pasted into 1.91 (after temporarily renaming that file in the new version).  DX Monitor was off.  When I started DX Monitor and check the LID list, it was empty.  When I go to the File menu and check options, there's nothing for the LID list.


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