Looking for testers

Sebastian Delmont - KI2D

I've been working on a tool to help you prepare your Marathon entry. Similar to AD1C's app, but browser based, so it does not require any installation, and it works fine on Macs and Linux computers and not limited to Windows.

You can find it at https://marathon.ham2k.net/

Give it an ADIF file with all your QSOs and it will help you figure out your score, select the best QSO for each entity and zone, validate them against AD1C Country File data., and export it in a way that can be used for your final submission.

I'd love to get some help testing it, See if it accepts ADIF files produced by all kinds of different logging apps. See if it can deal with weird callsigns and edge cases. So please give it a spin and let me know how it worked for you.

73 de KI2D Sebastian

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