DX Marathon Update, March 2021

John K9EL

The DX Marathon continues to be a driving force keeping many of us on the air.   Activity on the bands so far in 2021 has been good, with well over 220 countries being available plus all 40 zones.  DXpeditions are slowly starting again and I hope everyone has worked A25RU and VK9CE.


If you are not already a subscriber, consider subscribing to the DailyDX for fast and accurate DX information every week day.   A free trial period is available - https://www.dailydx.com.   This is a personal endorsement and the DX Marathon has no financial interest in or connection to the DailyDX.


We do have some exciting news to report for 60 meter enthusiasts – the DX Marathon now offers a plaque for the top Worldwide score each on 60 meters!    The first plaque will be awarded for the 2020 60m high score.  Complete details on all DX Marathon awards can be found here:



The 2020 DX Marathon scoring has been completed and the results will be published in the June issue of CQ Magazine and on the DX Marathon website around June 1, 2021.  In 2020, the DX Marathon set new records for logs, QSO’s and overall participants.   With most of us home last year, we spent a lot of time on the air!    I believe you will enjoy reading all the results from 2020.


I wish to thank everyone who sends in reports on pirates, busted calls, etc.


As always, if you have any questions about the validity of certain stations or activity, please consult the DX Marathon website, post a question here or send me a direct email.



73, John K9EL

DX Marathon Manager




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