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Thanks Jenny. I have been doing genealogy for 30 plus years. This latest influx from two people, surely learners, has filled my in basket to overflowing.

My lineage is Dumfriesshire, AYR, LKS and Australia, and I track and regularly connect with my distantly related “cousins” through other means, not this.

I appreciate the purpose and wonderful intent of the Group, but I feel it is being abused and not monitored.

Please remove me from the list.

Best wishes to you. I am sure you are a volunteer offering your time and talent to this cause.

Former Army serviceman in the ARA: Vic, NSW, SA, PNG

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This is why these Groups are set up, to discuss genealogy/family history.

What if it was a person in your family, wouldn't you like to know the ins and outs?

I would like to ask where you CARNEYs are from?
I have the spellings of CARNEY CARNIE CAIRNIE CAIRNEY KEARNEY within my family group - AYR WIG DFS LKS AUS ???

If people don't post to the list what is the use of it, it is for all to ask questions and hopefully receive a favourable reply one way or the other.


On 2020-10-21 02:19, DAVID CARNEY wrote:
Far too many messages fellows. Can you contact each directly instead
of using the group email please.
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