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DSG Wiki pages


1. Useful Posts

This is a wiki version of the Useful Posts file (which you can find in the Files sections) that contains links to useful DSG posts on various topics. An advantage of the wiki version is that it's online and doesn't require downloading in order to access it. If your connection is slower however, you might find downloading the Useful Posts file a more convenient option.


2. DSG Guidelines

Do's and Don't's for the members - this is a wiki version of the DSG Guidelines file in the Files section, with a difference that this version can be read online instead of having to download it to your computer first in order to read it.


3. Pali glossary

Glossary of Pali terms


4. Tech help:

     - Viewing messages

     - Changing the number of messages displayed per page

     - Starting a new thread or a new topic

     - Replying in context and quoting

     - Changing your subscription method

     - Draft messages - saving and finding

     - Inserting links in your message

     - Showing Advanced Toolbar in the reply window (setting the font, font-size, etc)

     - Login options