Request for a prayer for my wellbeing and wishing me to change for better. Metta.Please


Dear Azita,
thanks for your good post, as you always write good posts. Let me know how the stressful matters went, re selling house, etc. Where will you move to then?


Op 5 okt. 2020, om 00:04 heeft Azita Gill <azitag@...> het volgende geschreven:

Currently I'm a train wreck, trying to sell my house and land and dealing with all that is stressful.

Phil Coristine

 Hi Azita, Sarah, all

  A: Good to see you continuing to write here Phil, despite you often saying its not for you - or similar - I don't want to misquote you :))

  Ph: Thanks for the message, will be back to you and others once I haven't finished closing up the summer house and am back in the city.  Yes, I do appreciate it here. You can get great answers about scripture (my main interest, to some lazy extent) and there isn't a lot of facile stuff about going in and out of jhanas and so on as at the only other online forum I know, Dhammawheel. (Haven't been there for years, I guess it is still trundling along)

   Good luck with your stressful house related stuff Azita. What the Buddha said about the more possession the more dukkha sure is true. 




Dear Nina

Nina: Thinking with metta of you, just as I think of Jeff’s inmates! All people are dear to me.

L: But Nina I am not inside, yet. Just to let you know. I also can easily feel metta towards you, Nina. And you are in my thoughts often. Thank you so much for your metta towards me. I think in Visudhimagga it's said somewhere it can be spread or emit. I had disagreed for years on that topic, but now I changed my view. I believe that metta can be, (maybe not transferred), but it's of big importance since all is Dhamma and maybe one who has metta toward another being, it really supports that other being, or both even. Just a few of my recollections. Thanks

Best wishes