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Egbert <hhofman@...>

Hi Joop,

Just as an addendum to my previous post. Is the following text
available on line anywhere?

The Omission of Memory in the Theravadin List of Dhammas: On the
Nature of Sanna by Nyanaponika Thera
Hallo Herman,

Yes, and complete!

The appendix about 'memory'can be found on page 111 of this ebook
which I like very much and not only because Nyanaponika is critical
on ontology

Another, not explicit buddhistic, remark on 'memory'
What I understand from scienmtific (neuroscience, psychology)
research on memory, the metaphore that the brain is a kind of hard
disk, is not good at all.
Memory hardly exists in the brain on such a permanent way, every
moment again it is refreshed and restructured, influenced by new
experiences. When I think I remember something from my youth, I in
fact remember a memory of some years ago from a memory ten years ago
etc. from what happened in my youth.
Thank you very much for the above.

I agree with your observation about memory. Memory is very much shaped
and reshaped in a dependent origination kind-of-way.

Kind Regards


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