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Hello Lisa, all,

Interesting to read your word definitions :-) And thanks for your
chatty and informative posts and for the opportunity to reflect on
the quote "Deep learning and a love of the Way make the Way
difficult to attain." I think it is from the Sutra in Forty Two
Sections? (We are becoming quite 'ecumenical' on dsg lately - what
with the Heart Sutra and now this quote :-))

My understanding (from a Theravada perspective) is that the Buddha
valued and encouraged deep learning (Pariyatti).
"The Case for Study" by Bhikkhu Bodhi

and another word to add to the collection :-)
pariyatti: 'learning the doctrine', the 'wording of the doctrine'.
In the 'progress of the disciple' (q.v.), 3 stages may be
distinguished: theory, practice, realization,
i.e. (1) learning the wording of the doctrine (pariyatti), (2)
practising it (patipatti), (3) penetrating it (pativedha) and
realising its goal. (App.).

Thankfully, we aren't required to memorise the lot nowadays - I
don't think we fully appreciate what a benefit the print media and
the internet are.


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Hi Chris so nice to met you and you dont post enough your writing
very clear and cuts very nicely clean and quick.
>>>courtesy snip<<<
Before I posted to Herman on memory I did a bit of research and dug
into old notes:

The Buddha said, "Deep learning and a love of the Way make the Way
difficult to attain. " Deep learning here refers to being well-
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With Metta,

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