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Christine Forsyth <cforsyth1@...>

Hello Herman,

Well, you could be right - I'm a little out of practice - haven't
been around much lately :-)

Though I see sanna is listed in the Useful Posts as memory,
perception .. and sati as awareness

A quick look brings up this post from Htoo and from Nina on sati:

and a couple of dictionary definitions:
memory : (f.) sati. (nt.) anussara&#7751;a || right memory: (f.) samm&#257;sati.
perception : (f.) saññ&#257;. (nt.) vij&#257;nana.

So ... still confused about similarities and differences.

Hope you are getting the rain? - drizzling down here at the moment,
and I'm wishing I'd cleaned the leaves out of the gutters. Tanks
need the water.


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Hi Christine,

Good to hear from you.


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think there might be a rough equivalence between memory and
which receives almost no attention in the entire tipitaka.
Which is
very curious, considering how it is our entire existence.

Kind Regards
Hello Herman,

Are you meaning that memory receives almost no attention in the
tipitaka ... or the rough equivalence between memory and sanna
receives almost no attention?

My understanding is that Sati is memory and that sanna is
I believe there to be plenty about Sati in the Tipitaka.
I "remember" sati to be awareness or mindfullness, but I am very
to be wrong about this. I agree there is heaps in the Tipitaka
sati. Do you remember the Buddha :-)

My meaning was that memory (which allows me to type this post, to
conceive of me and you, and to concoct something about the Buddha)
receives almost no attention in the Canon.

All the best



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