Re: Zoom CN Dhamma discussion Aug. 20th: Innermost

Sarah Abbott

Lukas (Azita, Alberto & all)

Lukas: I only referred as innermost, citta is hadaya. Innermost. I didn't refer to the kind of ruupa that is hadaya. I only referred to the two instances of cittas in Vibhangapali. that cittam pandara and hadaya. So pure and innermost.
S: Yes, but others were discussing and raising the topic of hadaya rūpa with is an outer āyatana, dhammāyatana along with all subtle rūpas. There was confusion between the two, so important to clarify.

As you say, citta is pandara and hadaya, "so pure and innermost" and all these synonyms of citta are given in the Vibhanga. Mano is another one which Azita was discussing as often it's translated as "mind", but it's any citta including seeing consciousness now.

L: And also do not confuse hadaya, innermost <citta> as ajjhatta/bahiddha that is mentioned in satipathanna MN.10 or Vibhangapali I.Khhandha instances. So do not confuse the citta hadaya innermost or most inner with ajjhatta like internal referring to self.
S: In reality there is no self or other, just the innermost citta at each moment of life no matter what is thought about, even when thinking conventionally (or with wrong view) about self and others.


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