Re: Zoom VN discussion July 22nd: Sila

Jonothan Abbott

Hi Lukas

On Wed, Aug 26, 2020 at 06:42 AM, szmicio wrote:
Hi Jon,
I know that you are very developed in Dhamma person. You not only speak about things, but also live and according to what you say, I know it, Jon. I will always remember what you said years and years ago here on DSG, that you really don't mind what people think of if you understand dhamma or not. I appreciate that so much, and I know you understand Dhamma very well. Not only say, but you understand and live with Dhamma, so Dhamma benefits very well of you. This is not a compliment or something. This is just my appreciation of your understanding. So you see even me, a torn apart former dhamma student and an alcoholics, so still, I can appreciate Dhamma of you, at least a bit I understand, otherwise I would not understand, and would not appreciate that. I know you and Sarah, and I know Sarah understands also and can speak very well. But I appreciate you because you are so quiet, I think you are more nekhhama appreciation person, and I like it. And I appreciate it so much. And both of yours input to me and others that are just a beginners now or having problems or been in a difficult situation now like me. So just know that I really understand you Jon. And you are very good of my friends, though we don't speak much together. Just occasionaly. What is that once every 3 or 4 months.

Jon:  I know what you mean, and I feel the same way.  You and I don’t communicate much, but we understand each other well.
I very much admire your interest in the Dhamma, both the Dhamma generally and detailed Abhidhamma points in particular.  And your ability to recall details of things heard or read some time ago is amazing!
I think you and Sarah completing yourself fully and very well.  You are very good friends, both to me and others. I appreciate kusala you have. And I wish in the future I also can change and leave my personal views aside, and be like you JON. I believe detachment is the best friend, ever to hang around.

Thanks for the kind words.  I regard you as a good friend.
Don’t have too many expectations about beating the addiction problem soon or easily, as that could lead to disappointment and frustration. Whatever happens, just keep up your interest in developing the path.

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