Re: Zoom CN Dhamma discussion Aug. 20th: Innermost


Hi Azita, Alberto, Sarah and all

>Azita: Hallo Alberto and Sarah,
>thank you, I've just learnt something new about hadaya, did not know before this that it is a synonym for citta.

Lukas: Since Alberto quoted Ajahn Sujin passage in the beginning post. And Ajahn Sujin was referring 'innermost' and 'pure'. And she described in her talk those separately two instances, namely 'innermost' and 'pure' or you azita may now it as 'luminous', so these two what Ajahn Sujin explained she referred actually to 'little charactristics' of citta(As Buddha taught In Vibhangapali, Abhdidhammapitaka). Ajahn Sujin never says something unimportant or what Buddha didn't teach. Ajahn is very good in the Elders teaching and how she teaches now is exactly as Elders did after Budda passed away. So it's very easy to look up those two words 'pure' and 'innermost'. And this pandara and hadaya. All an instance, a characteristic of a citta, or vi~n~nana. Ajahn Sujin is using vitakka very well to hit you, but my problem is 'not having good conduct(carita)', partly I assume because of alcohol. And I respect Ajahn for her easy going way to share and cultivate and spread among people the right understanding, but I am afraid it will not help me only theoretical understanding while lacking sila and a good conduct cariya. That's why I am saying AS has both vijjacariya, and I may be in a wrong place here, since I have no proper good conduct of behaviour and only restraint could have change it I reckon.

AS was many times says like metta, no need to have it is already there. That was Ajahns words many times. So not for me. I don't have metta accumulated. or any restraint and kusala. For Ajahn Suji it's easy, she has it since accumulated.

Best wishes

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