Re: Zoom CN Dhamma discussion Aug. 20th: Innermost


Hi Sarah, Alberto

S: Yes, hadaya is a synonym for citta, the innermost nāma, manāyatana
This is not to be confused with the subtle rūpa, haddāya which arises in a group conditioned by kamma and is the vatthu (base) for all cittas in this realm aparat from seeing, hearing, smelling, tasting and touching. As a subtle rūpa it's dhammāyatana, the outer āyatana.
A: Yes, that's right, thanks Sarah (I've just checked the Pali spelling, is the same for both, as a word for citta and as vatthu rupa, and it's also hadaya, the heart, as the 11th "part" of the body, kesa, loma, nakha...)

Lukas: I only referred as innermost, citta is hadaya. Innermost. I didn't refer to the kind of ruupa that is hadaya. I only referred to the two instances of cittas in Vibhangapali. that cittam pandara and hadaya. So pure and innermost. And also do not confuse hadaya, innermost <citta> as ajjhatta/bahiddha that is mentioned in satipathanna MN.10 or Vibhangapali I.Khhandha instances. So do not confuse the citta hadaya innermost or most inner with ajjhatta like internal referring to self.

Best wishes

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