Re: Zoom CN Dhamma discussion Aug. 20th: Innermost


Hi Alberto,

>L: I meant savaka before, not savaka Buddha.
>A: Then I think we're savaka at any moment when there's any level of understanding of the teachings of the Buddha beginning with sabbe dhamma anatta.

Lukas: Well, so now you are right.! Because when you mentioned savaka Buddha, I thought it wasn't referring to the topic at all. And sometimes we must be watchful, to don't bend over or lean towards our personal views(wrongly accumulated for a time).
Still, savaka means listener(also I think it can be meaning an Elder or disciple). But mostly Savaka means listener, from what have I heard. And Vibhanga(analysis) is equal to savaka. That's why we are called the the followers of the Listeners, or Recollectors, Analysis of The Buddha Dhamma. My definition according to Scripts.

Anyway, I have a very tough time now. I was thinking episodically about Goenka method(made up of course in 19th century) but I was thinking of pain mental, and what Goenka said, that meditation is now, reflection or understanding and not react toward anything. AS you know Mr. Goenka said this practical thing that he discovered from Buddha the link now is feeling(vedana). It's not easy for me. And I am looking for a cure for my illness. So I had been considering that the feeling unpleasant or pleasant is conditioned, it's only feeling, is gonna go. I don't know, I am desperate, and I am trying everything.

Best wishes

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