Re: Saturday Discussion V, 3.


Hi Giao(Huong)

Lukas: Thanks for talking, Just wanted to clarify and thanks for your answers. For me, the topic is closed. But of course you can discuss anything and express yourself. I am trying to sort out my life, so not gona rise a voice here.
I am having difficulties to read your English. But that is not a worry. I also before starting Khun's Sujin, DSG and Nina books, I had learned English from here, from Ajahn Sujin folks. My English before I started study AS Dhamma. I couldn't understand most of the words and meaning, but I learned English constantly reading Nina books, and I learned to talk, posting and discussing a lot on DSG. And trust me before that my English was very poor.

I have an advice to you and Huong maybe to install Grammarly, this is an app that helps to correct your English and especially the grammar. So you can benefit more.

The best is to register there or add a plugin to the browser. Then it suppose to automatically correct all you English in the browser. Try it guys.

Best wishes

         No, I am not. And I have just known Buddhism for more than 10 years. I am interested in your information about Western culture.  Before, I also spent a lot of time studying Buddhism. Especially combining the parallel meditation methods with reading the great sutras. My favorite western Zen masters are Achan Bram, Gold-stein ...

         Your question is so difficult. I try to come up with the following ideas:
        - The first point I mention when reading Sutta is, do not be in a hurry to believe one thing. After hearing, considering and experiencing that is true, please completely believe and live up to that. 
        - if we don't consider what's in the Sutta that just mention about ultimate reality, it'll be very complicated. I am learning to understand that, the Buddha's teachings_which are to talk only about ultimate real at this moment. That why,  I asked that question. And I'm thinking and cosidering about the answers, by Nina and Sarah. it's so helpful.
        - I am becoming more and more interested in the ways of the Dharma approach of the teachers - led by Achann. With my little knowledge, up to now, begining on the ultimate realities at this moment that are the best way to understand the Buddha's teachings. Because anata_characteristics of the Dharma, is known only when hearing the teachings of the Buddha.
        Thanks for your interested!

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