Re: Zoom CN Dhamma discussion Aug. 20th: Innermost

Azita Gill

Hallo Alberto and Sarah,

thank you, I've just learnt something new about hadaya, did not know before this that it is a synonym for citta. 
I apologise for the disruption to discussion on Sun.  I probably should not have turned on video while having a curious 5 yr old sitting on my knee :(   in fact I hardly heard anything of the discussion  because there was quite a bit of activity going on around me.  Just wanted to see you all.

Re my query on Saturday, the passage I read was from the Guhatthaka Sutta:
           One should take nothing as "mine" :  having abandoned taking things as mine on account of craving, having relinquished taking things as mine on account of views, one should not take as mine, the eye, ear, nose, tongue, body or mind.......
            the first five, eye etc I take to mean rupa which is why I wondered what mind would be. If it means the eye base etc then I assume it must mean heart base.   However if it means the citta which sees etc  than it does mean all the other cittas that do not arise at the sense bases.    Have I got this right?

           Appreciate the Zoom discussions, generally with a lot of attachment and as the above sutta states;
     "See them trembling over things taken as 'mine'.  They tremble when they are anxious about being deprived of an object taken as 'mine';  they tremble when being deprived of it.......

 Live for understanding

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