Re: Zoom CN Dhamma discussion Aug. 20th: Innermost

Sarah Abbott


A: Yes, that's right, thanks Sarah (I've just checked the Pali spelling, is the same for both, as a word for citta and as vatthu rupa, and it's also hadaya, the heart, as the 11th "part" of the body, kesa, loma, nakha...)
S: yes, exactly the same word. (Thx, I made a spelling error later corrected). One is citta, the nāma and one is the subtle rūpa. One of the Vietnamese friends was also getting confused about this point in a discussion too.

On the point you were discussing with Jon about the sotāpanna's understanding or something which you questioned - I remember he was just stressing the point which Nina keeps mentioning is so important with regard to conventional usage in daily life. There's a table and a tree but no misunderstanding that this is anything other than conventional usage. The arahats still know who is who and what is what, even though all doubts and wrong views were eradicated at the stage of sotāpanna. No question that there are only dhammas that are the world "crumbling away" at each moment.

SN 1V, "The World"?

"Then a certain monk came to see the Exalted One.... Seated at one
side that monk said to the Exalted One: 'The world! The world! is
the saying, lord. How far, lord, does this saying go?'

" 'It crumbles away, monks. Therefore it is called the world'.
What crumbles away? The eye... objects...

eye-consciousness... eye-contact... that pleasant or unpleasant or
neutral feeling that arises owing to eye-contact... tongue... body...
mind... It crumbles away, monks. Therefore it is called the


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