Re: Zoom CN Dhamma discussion Aug. 20th: Innermost


Hi Sarah,
S: Yes, hadaya is a synonym for citta, the innermost nāma, manāyatana
This is not to be confused with the subtle rūpa, haddāya which arises in a group conditioned by kamma and is the vatthu (base) for all cittas in this realm aparat from seeing, hearing, smelling, tasting and touching. As a subtle rūpa it's dhammāyatana, the outer āyatana.
A: Yes, that's right, thanks Sarah (I've just checked the Pali spelling, is the same for both, as a word for citta and as vatthu rupa, and it's also hadaya, the heart, as the 11th "part" of the body, kesa, loma, nakha...)

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