Re: Memory


Hi Christine,

Excellent! Excellent! Thanks for the paradigm shift.

Still more thinking to be done, but in a different direction now.

Rob M :-)

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"Where, Venerable Sir, is Kamma?" questions King Milinda of the
Venerable Naagaseena. "0 Mahaaraaja," replies the Venerable
Naagaseena, "Kamma is not stored somewhere in this fleeting
consciousness or in any other part of the body. But dependent on
and matter, it rests, manifesting itself at the opportune moment,
just as mangoes are not said to be stored somewhere in the mango
tree, but dependent on the mango tree they lie springing up in due

Just as wind or fire is not stored in any particular place, even
Kamma is not stored anywhere within or without the body. Kamma is
individual force which is transmitted from one existence to

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