Re: Memory

Luan D. Pham

Dear Sarah,

Thanks for answering to my question.

From: sarahdhhk@... (Sarah)

> KKT: The reason of my question is that:
> If memory is a cetasika
> and lasts a very brief instant
> and then falls away then
> how does << recollection >>
> or << recognition >> work?

The simple answer is that each instant of ‘marking’ is accumulated and
never lost. Each citta conditions the next citta and all its make-up is
collected, gathered and passed on by the work of the 24 conditions,
Rob K listed recently.


KKT: I note the main point of your answer is:

<< the markings are never lost >>
although they last only for a fleeting moment.

This makes me think of kamma
which has a broader sense than
memory. The question is:

If memory and kamma are
<< never lost >> then logically
they must be << stored up >>
somewhere ?

I know that this << somewhere >>
is out of question in Abhidhamma,
not like in Yogacara of Mahayana
where a Storehouse Consciousness
(Alayavijnana) was postulated.

So how does Abhidhamma deal
with the problem of << never lost >>
of memory and kamma without
a << storehouse >> ?

Best regards,


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