Re: The Implications of Foulness of the Body


Dear Alex,
Op 17-aug-2011, om 18:47 heeft truth_aerator het volgende geschreven:

I believe it is MUCH more dispassion producing to focus on the
aging, hair greying, skin wrinkling and all the indignities of
aging and dying.

Lying on the bed grasping for air, blood feeling like acid burning,
the mind in a hazy fog and headache, the loosing control of the
bladder, bowels, brain misfiring and producing hallucinations, etc
- is much more scary and nibbida producing... I can see why some
people (who are very attached to the body) can avoid looking at
this aspect and try to turn attention to something more sanitary
and less relevant...
N: Reading your post I can feel so much with you. These are your own
Not everyone is inclined to go straight to fleeting ruupas our body
consists of, I understand!
But there is a difference between suffering and pondering over all
these ailments and a beginning of understanding that what we take for
body are only elements. Conditioned ruupas. It depends on a person's
inclinations whether he sees the value of this or not. We can prove
to ourselves whether the pa~n~naa that directly experience realities
leads even to a little more more detachment or not.
Under the Application of Mindfulness of the Body are included parts
of the body, corpses in different states of decay. When we are
forgetful we cling to my important, beautiful body. But when we learn
about nails, teeth, skin, we are reminded that there is not much left
of what we take for the whole body we cling to. Only some
insignificant parts. This can lead us to the truth more directly. In
fact, the body consists of the tiniest elements that do not stay for
a split second. Hardness of the body is real but it cannot stay, and
even pain caused by many diseases is there only for a moment. No self
who can control anything, only impersonal elements arising because of
conditions and then gone.
When suffering so much there is also thinking about it and I believe
that thinking will not lead to the eradication of clinging and wrong
view. We should know that we take the body for 'my body', even though
we say that it is anattaa. This clinging with wrong view is so deeply
rooted, very hard to notice it and to develop understanding of it.
A:... You can't really get to the root of your attachment to self
until you've looked at where your most blatant day-to-day, moment-
to-moment attachment is: right here at the body. The least little
thing happens to your body and you can't stand it. A little bit of
hunger, a little bit of thirst, too much heat, too much cold sets
you running off. A little bit of illness and you go running for
medicine. If that's not attachment, what is?"
N: You expressed this situation very well. Too much heat or cold and
there we are: distress conditioned by attachment. Can there be more
understanding of the elements of heat and cold as they are? We cannot
direct these as to our liking, beyond control. It seems a long way:
to become familiar with characteristics such as heat or hardness
appearing at the present moment so that pa~n~naa will be able to see
them as non-self later on. A long way, going through all the stages
of insight, but a sure way. Understanding can make all the difference
in our life.

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