Regards from SIMAC Denmark


Hi all, 

Hope that all are safe and well. 

SIMAC (219016306)  will run another GMDSS course soon. We'll start the 24th of August and run for 3 weeks - week 35, 36 and 37. 

I hope that as many as possible will be able to get our trasmission during that period. 

Please let me know if you manage as your location is part of my teaching ;-) 

Also please let me know if any of you manage to listen in on RDN Patrolvessels. I sometime use my sparetime as navigator on those small vessels. Yes .... I also teach them about safety check sometimes. 

They only have VHF .... but as you all are aware off - VHF waves sometime travels a long distance after all. 

Best regards to you all,