NRD-220 power supply


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I use a JRC NRD-220 DSC receiver to feed YaDD. I aim to keep the radio running 24/7 but the internal power supply runs incredibly  hot, and I am a bit reluctant to leave it unattended for extended periods. I have the 100V ac version. I use a 240Vac to 120Vac converter to power the unit (probably not ideal). Unfortunately I do not have the manual nor a schematic for this receiver, so I am wondering if anyone has managed to modify the radio to use a 12V/13.8V dc input that would enable me to power from my linear bench supply? Or even if someone has a link to the manual/schematic, that would be very useful. There is not much info on the internet for this model.





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Mats A

Hi Liam.

I did a quick search on but did not find any useful hit.
If you don't get any replies here, you could try to ask a here:



Thank you Mats for checking I will try the JRC IO group - thanks for the suggestion.