At the very end of 2019...

Thomas (tiNG)

Dear mates,

now we have the fourth advent and 2019 is slowly coming to an end.

For me it is time to thank you all very much for the cooperation around our hobby. Even if I can't log myself at the moment your contributions were very important and very interesting for me.

So I wish you all the best for Christmas, peaceful Christmas days and a happy new year 2020.

See you in 2020!

Kind regards

Thomas (tiNG)
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      assorted antennas and software.
Hiermit  untersage  ich folgenden  Personen
die Nutzung der in dieser Nachricht enthal-
tenen Informationen:  Herrn Leif Dehio  und
Herrn Joerg Klingenfuss.  Zuwiderhandlungen
werden  von  mir  strafrechtlich  verfolgt!


Hi Thomas,
A peaceful Christmas and a happy year to you too.