6 Megs DSC Interfering Signal / Tones


G'Day All,

Had a bit of spare time over the past week or so and thought I'd run YaDD via the SDRPlay for a while again.  I've been having good success with 8, 12 and 16 MHZ especially 12 and 16 MHz through the day.

However since first evening, a week back, 6 Megs has had an interfering constant 4 or 5 tone smack bang on frequency 6MHz DSC. It comes in near our dusk and persists until just after sun up.   So until this interfering tone is identified and fixed / removed 6 Megs is no go for me :(    I'm wondering if there is a broken DSC transmitter out there causing this.

Using available receivers "SDR.HU" the strongest location I get the signal S7 where everywhere is s1 / faint is in the region of Indonesia


You can see the the spectrum under Yadd how the tones are bang on frequency.