This is what I see on 8414.5's continuous [1 Attachment]

John Pumford-Green

Hi Vernon and the group,

Yes, the DSC signal continues - and is visible/audible on both sides of
the pond.

Attached is my Perseus view of it. It's not too strong but it's clearly
a dotting (idle/synchronizing) pattern.

Dirk reports a stronger signal, although on previous nights it's got
stronger, enough to trigger YaDDs dotting detector, and forcing me to
drop 8MHz from the scan channels.

Since there aren't many A3 sea areas in Europe I doubt we could get any
European regulators interested in tracking the source. I wonder where
it's most audible during local daylight - that might narrow down the
location. It's very weak indeed during the day here, building up at
night, so it's not "local".

Another mystery hunt, reminds me of The Great Scheveningen Naxtex
Mystery from 2013 :-)