Re: MMSI 000000000

John Pumford-Green

On 06/12/2019 11:43, peter via Groups.Io wrote:
Hi all,
Recently Rosario mentioned logging MMSI 000000000 which I understand may be used for testing?  So my question is does the group want to have this uploaded to RWW/RNA/REU as an UNID or not?

I'd rather not, as 000000000 is unlikely to belong to one single Unidentified station, but is probably used by very many pieces of equipment all over the world, and is not really a "Coast Station" at all.

I feel similarly about the other UNIDs that are absolutely NOT genuine coast stations (eg 000016100).

A Coast Station MMSI is "00" followed by a 3-digit MID. If the next 3-digits are not from the list of actual MIDs

then the station is a pirate, not an UNID coast station, and should be ignored.

Just my take on it,



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