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Frans Vink



DSC is primarily on MF and HF, 2187.5 4207.5 6312 8414.5 12577 16804.5. On these frequencies you can receive the world, depending on conditions. A wire antenna will do a pretty good job.  Lower frequencies are effective during hours of darkness between your QTH and the transmitter. The higher frequencies are the opposite, while 6 and 8 are effective 24/24.


DSC is also available on VHF, there you will be able to receive local traffic only. Your wire antenna is not going to be very useful for this. A dipole or discone antenna is probably a lot more effective.


Make sure you calibrate YADD in the signal/calibration tab.


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Just joined Group and new to DSC and YADD. Somewhere came across a blog post by VE7SL and it caught my interest. Retired Navy and spent many years at sea - so want dig into subject a bit. I have a Flex 6600 radio and a fair wire antenna setup and live in Coastal Georgia. So wondering if between the Flex SDR and the YADD program I can get  a start in DSC listening. What freqs and time of day would be best in coastal GA? there is considerable maritime traffic in and out of Savannah Ga. 


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