Re: YaDDNet Migration!


Well, that came as a surprise. Thanks to Alan for stepping in.
Of course, my plans to use the computer and SDR presently dedicated to DSC
for something else have had to be shelved ;( Still, it is good to see the
database continue, and to see a glimmer of enthusiasm return to John's

And "YES" to the domain name.

Thanks again, Alan.

Best Wishes,
David, GM8XBZ

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Subject: [dsc-list] YaDDNet Migration!

Hello all,

After my recent announcement that I intended to cease running the
YaDDNet online DSC database I was approached off-list by Alan Spindel
ex Chief Engineer of the Mobile Radio/WLO coast station.

He offered to provide a cloud server in their data centre to host
YaDDNet so that it may continue to operate for the benefit of the

I couldn't let the offer pass, and yesterday Alan built the virtual
server and last night I copied over all my code and a snapshot of the
the SQL database to the new host.

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