YaDDNet reporting function


Hello All,
(but probably John, in the main)

Every week, I use the RWW Report Generator to produce a list of the stations
I have uploaded to YaDDNet that Peter then uploads to REU.
Because my receivers are always online to YaDDNet, I don't regularly keep my
local logbook up to date. I use WWSU, and I decided to bring it up to date
by checking it against the records in YaDDNet.
I have navigated to the Report Generator page, put in my Receiver ID, and
selected the 'All Time' radio-button. But pressing 'Get RWW' gets an
indication of activity in the page tab, but nothing else. I thought John's
laptop might be taking some time to trawl through all its records, so I
waited, but an hour elapsed without further progress.
Have I broken the report generator? Have I missed a step (or two)?

Best Wishes,
David, GM8XBZ

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