Re: REU DSC logs (002241002 Almeria Radio ESP was logged on 12 Mhz)


On 02/08/2019 13:29, mmolano2000 via Groups.Io wrote:
Hi Peter,
*>Recent DSC logs.  002241002 Almeria Radio ESP was logged on 12 Mhz - a new one on this channel*
This is probably some kind of decoding error. (002241002 vs. 002241022)

002241002 is the MMSI of ALMERIA MRCC-VTS (belongs to SASEMAR, public org. for search and rescue).
SASEMAR (MRCCs & MRSCs) only operate DSC on VHF and MF (not all) and are small scale facilities.
Hi Mauricio,
Many thanks for all that official info on ESP marine stations - most useful.

So I will delete my reception of 002241002  on 12 Mhz as being a probable error...


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