Re: REU DSC logs

Andy <do1dxx@...>

Thank you, Peter.
I'm was looking for a contact for a reception report and I usually also look at the IMO file
CIRC\GMDSS\01\GMDSS.1-CIRC.22.docx  (30 July 2018).
But NO Mauritania found! I thought, the IMO has to know all MRCC stations.
In older files, I found some email addresses
ccsm@... (wrong - bounces)
alysidi@...  (no reply 2017)
RCCNKTT@... (no reply 2017)
Anyone with an idea? Mr Google was not on my side :(
vy 73, Andy
Re: REU DSC logs
 From: peter
 Date: Sun, 14 Jul 2019 13:00:05 PDT

On 14/07/2019 10:03, Andy wrote:

Hi all,
 Recent DSC logs.
 Got RCC Nouakchot on 4 MHz
Nice catch Andy!
73, Peter

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