Re: YaDDNet Registration

Mats A

Hi John,
I'm wondering if this DSC stuff is contagious :)

Anyway, i kindly ask you to register my RX ID's

Regular receiver ID's:
MAJO88BN-1    2187.5 kHz
MAJO88BN-2    2182.0 kHz
MAJO88BN-3    2177.0 kHz
MAJO88BN-4    2189.5 kHz
MAJO88BN-5    4207.5 kHz
MAJO88BN-6    4208.0 kHz
MAJO88BN-7    4208.5 kHz
MAJO88BN-8    4209.0 kHz

Occasional receiver ID:
MAJO88BN-9    6312.0 kHz

Web SDR's used at occasions on various DSC frequencies, which may be registered at your discretion.
MAJO64        location JO64
MAJO66        location JO66
MAJO97        location JO97
MAJO99        location JO99
MAJP80        location JP80
MAKP03        location KP03
MAKP20        location KP20
MAKP25        location KP25

What kind of drugs can cure this?

Name: Mats Anderzén
Location: Sverige, Norrköping
Grid Locator (IARU): JO88BN
Email address:  yadd at androd dot se
SWL gear: FDM-S2 + LZ1AQ loop @ 4m
I understand why the receiver frequency must match the settings in YADD.

Best regards

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