Re: REU - DSC Logs from Ariano Irpino, South Italy

John Pumford-Green

On 07/07/2019 18:35, ros.palermo via Groups.Io wrote:
On Sun, Jul 7, 2019 at 07:27 PM, <ros.palermo@...> wrote:
I apologize to everyone, these two logs are a setting error between YADD and the receiver.
*20190706 2300  2177.0 002320014 Falmouth Coastguard, ENG, 1925 Km*
*20190706 2301  2177.0 002442000 Netherlands CG Radio, HOL, 1475 K*m

I have deleted your data wrongly submitted as for 2177.0kHz on the 6th July.

Please could everyone be more careful when setting up their receivers and YaDD to make sure they are reporting the correct frequency when uploading logs to YaDDNet.

I hoped that asking for formal registration would stop this sort of problem. Perhaps I'm expecting too much?



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