Re: YaDDNet Registration

John Pumford-Green

On 05/07/2019 08:40, John Pumford-Green wrote:
Hello all,
To begin the registration process....
Please send a message to the group with the following information:
Your Name
Your Location : Country/City and IARU Locator
Your Choice of Receiver ID(s) : you may register multiple IDs.
Your email address

Hello All,

I have had several requests for "registration" to upload to YaDDNet.

So far the following have been added to a new access database:

JO44QO Thomas (tiNG)
GM4SLV John Pumford-Green
Dorset_UK Richard Ware (Rich)
NL8811 Frikko Nuijen
HOL-DUOr Hendrik J. Hamer
HOL-NRD-220 Hendrik J. Hamer
HOL-WR-G31DDC Hendrik J. Hamer
IZ8294SWL Rosario Palermo
IO75-01 David Atkins
IO75-02 David Atkins
IO75-04 David Atkins
G4EMM Neil Richardson
G4EMM_RX2 Neil Richardson
N8NJ Larry Weaver
F1DOQ Dominique Nicolleau
NL-Apeld-BV-ClbriN Bert Vierhout
NL-Apeld-BV-FcDPr+ Bert Vierhout
NL-Apeld-BV-Variab Bert Vierhout
EM79wp-Ohio Stephen Carmin
EA2NR@IN72kt Kepa Moreno
OE3WYC Willy
OE3WYC-1 Willy

My plan is to switch over to using ONLY the "new" membership list within the next few days.

I see there are still several of the regular uploaders not yet on the list. Hopefully they will register in time for the new system to be implemented.

I will add any new IDs to my current temporary access list, in the meantime.



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