Re: YaDDNet Registration

OE3WYC, Willy

Hello John
firstly, thanks a lot for keeping this fine service up and running!
I specifically like the the search options you provide, and hope I do not steal to much processing power by using them quite often ;-)
And of course I understand the importance of having correct frequencies in the log.

Here are my data:

Name: Willy
Location : Austria, Vienna, Locator JN88FF
Choice of Receiver ID(s) : OE3WYC  
                                          OE3WYC-1 (please add this ID for future use, if possible)
email address: oe3wyc@...
_ _
Receiver currently is an EKD315.
Aerial is a 2x12m "doublet" in the backyard. Only 7m AGL.

73 and good DXing

PS: Sorry for the late response - just returned from vacation as 9A/OE3WYC  ;-)

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