Re: YADDNet Registration-equipment

John Pumford-Green

On 05/07/2019 23:27, Bert Vierhout wrote:
Dear John,
Is 't an idea to register too (not required) the used antenne and receiver ?
I think that hobbyist like to learn of each other by exchange
information about equipment.

Hello Bert,

By all means people may inform the group about their equipment when registering for permission to upload data to YaDDNet.

It would be interesting to know what everyone is using and this might lead to a wider discussion of the setups we use. Discussion of the technical side of SWLing is always of interest and educational.

However I don't need to record that information in order to grant access to uploading data to YaDDNet.

Also many people change equipment often, so after time the information will not be correct anyway.

If you want to discuss equipment (antenna, receiver, software etc.) then please feel free to start a discussion on the group. I'm sure people would like to share their knowledge and experience.

Do you wish to upload data from YaDD to my database, YaDDnet?

If so could you please provide the information:

Receiver ID (maximum of 18 characters)
Your Name
Your Location
Your Grid Locator (IARU)
Your email address

and I will add you to the database, and when I change over to the new access system you will be able to upload data.

You can register multiple Receiver IDs if you wish to track data from different receivers, or simply use the same ID on all copies of YaDD.

Please be aware that you *MUST* ensure your data is correct - the frequency set on YaDD *MUST* match the frequency tuned on the receiver.

I want the data held in YaDDNet to be as accurate as possible.



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