Re: YADDNet Registration

John Pumford-Green

Thanks Dominique,

You have been added to the database.



On 05/07/2019 22:44, Dominique Nicolleau wrote:
If you can register my ID i will switch on my sdr more often
Your Name : Dominique Nicolleau
Your Location : France/Orléans JN17BV
Your Choice of Receiver ID(s) : F1DOQ
Your email address: dominique.nicolleau@... <mailto:dominique.nicolleau@...>
thank you
Wire2waves Limited
Mobile : 07717 433441 / Office : 01595 810474
Registered in Scotland Number: 424892
VAT Registration Number : 136 8910 92
Registered Office : Greenmeadow, Clousta, Bixter, Shetland ZE2 9LX

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