YaDDNet Registration

John Pumford-Green

Hello all,

I have now put in place a filter of Receiver IDs on YaDDNet to restrict the ability to upload DSC messages to only registered users.

In the first stage I've added all current uploaders, those who have uploaded data within the last 30 days.

Not included on the access list are those people who have already been responsible for uploading significant quantities of bogus data which needed manual intervention to clean up - and done so more than 3 times, despite repeated requests from me to be careful with configuring YaDD to prevent this.

I now want to begin a NEW list of registered users, arranged via this group, so that all members of the group know who (and where) each YaDDNet reporter is. I will maintain a "YaDDNet Members" list - possibly in the files section of the group - so that everyone can find out which ID belongs to which person, and where in the world they are located.

I will require all uploaders to be members of this group : "The DSC List".

YaDDNet will no longer accept input from ad hoc receiver IDs, even from existing users. Each new RX ID will need to be registered before it will be allowed to upload data.

I want to include as much VALID data,from as many people as possible, in YaDDNet, and I don't want to exclude people from uploading unless they have demonstrated a lack of care in the quality of their data.

Anyone who has already been excluded MAY request access, on the understanding that they MUST ensure that they take better care in future.

I know a registration system won't prevent bad data, but at least I/we will know how to contact the responsible person. At the moment many of the people uploading are not known to us, other than by their RX ID and their IP address (http://gm4slv.plus.com:8000/pages/php/logger_ip.php)

To begin the registration process....

Please send a message to the group with the following information:

Your Name
Your Location : Country/City and IARU Locator
Your Choice of Receiver ID(s) : you may register multiple IDs.
Your email address

I won't accept direct email requests, please send only to the DSC List itself, so that everything is visible to the community.


Once I have a list of users I will replace the current access-list with a new one carrying only the receiver IDs registered in this way.

At some point in the near future I will also change the network UDP/IP port that accepts YaDDNet messages, and communicate the new information to registered uploaders privately. This will reduce the unsolicited traffic from people who use YaDD's default settings.

I am also intending to change the policy of data retention on YaDDNet - and will send a message about my thoughts separately.





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