Re: Huge numbers of Page Faults on YaDD compared to YaND

Mats A

Hi Dirk,

On Tue, May 7, 2019 at 08:38 PM, Dirk Claessens wrote:
are Yadd/Yand the only applications that show this behaviour?
Yepp, look at the screenshot below.

The page file is 8 GB, but i doubt the memory are low. Please look at the screenshot in my previous post, it is steady on 2.5 GB.
There may be some correlation with the page faults and the size of the databases as the 2187.5 database contains about 107.000 records and the 2182.0 database contains 478 records. If that is the case i still don't understand why the page fault delta count up exactly the same amount for every second even if no message are decoded or the databases are not written to or read from (unless there are some routines that read from the database every second).

The behavior described on the "new" computer are the same as with the "old" PC, that only had 4 GB of memory from the beginning, which later on was expended to 8GB wihtout any noticeable difference.

It's not a big deal but It caught my attention when running YaND, which i believe share much of codebase with YaDD.

Best regards

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