Re: Huge numbers of Page Faults on YaDD compared to YaND

Dirk Claessens

Hello Mats,

If Windows runs low on physically available memory, it will start using virtual memory from its page file. (pagefile.sys in the root directory)
Memory blocks will be swapped (exchanged) in/out from/to this file and memory as needed. This will cause disk activity of course.
So a page fault is not a true error, but an indicator.

What I'm wondering about: are Yadd/Yand the only applications that show this behaviour?
What you could check is Windows' page file setting. Recommended size is 1.5 x RAM size, so about 12GB for your system.

Cheers - Dirk

On 7/05/2019 15:16, Mats A wrote:
Hi all,

I got my hands on a cheap refurbished small server which has replaced the trusty I3 which has been humming along 24/7 since 2015.

Maybe this is a silly question which has been discussed before, or is off topic for this forum, so please bare with me.
But why are there such a difference in the Page Faults and PF Delta between YaDD and YaND?

All instances listed above was started at the same time, and has been running happily 24/7 since Saturday.
All YaDD and YaND instances seems to increase by the numbers given in the PD Delta column each second, which accumulates quite a bit over time for the YADD instances as the PF Delta for these are about ~500. On the other hand YaND (and the rest of the instances in Task Manager) seems to be quite steady around 0.

Do this have any significant impact on the load of the processor, which in my case adds up by YaDD x 8 @ ~2-4% to ~20%, whereas YaND seems to be humming along around 1%?
Are there anything I can do about it?

The PC is a refurbished Fujitsu small office server (which is very silent) with a 4 core XEON E3 processor @ 3.3 GHz and 8 GB RAM and the OS is Win 7.
SDR console V3 takes ~20-23% of the processor load @ 3MHz BW and ~25-28% at 6 MHz BW, which is quite impressive.
The memory used seems to be quite modest and steady.

Best regards

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