Re: Possible 006010060

Richard Ware

On Sun, 7 Apr 2019 at 19:15, John Pumford-Green <gm4slv@...> wrote:

Hi Peter,

My feeling is that your message is a errored version of a call from
Capetown 006010001
0 60 10 6 3

00 60 10 06 03 => 006010060 since the final digit is usually zero and
always ignored in MultiPSK, DSCDecoder and YaDD. SeaTTY does show the
final hidden digit, and Rich can perhaps confirm that in >99% of cases
it's a zero. Although some senders DO have a non-zero final digit to
indicate a sub-station on a larger vessel, I don't think this is the
case here.

Yes folks, I can confirm that. VERY rarely have I seen any ten-digit
MMSIs on SeaTTY ending in anything other than zero.
On the subject of 'substations on a larger vessel' I could tell you
about an experience I had with the fixed lifeboat station on the old
Royal Mail cruise liner Andes/GQCV, but I'll have to leave it as it
has nothing to do with DSC !


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