Re: Possible 006010060

John Pumford-Green

Hi Peter,

My feeling is that your message is a errored version of a call from Capetown 006010001

YaDDNet shows a TEST call FROM the same vessel at 03:00 addressed to Capetown (reported by OE3WYC). I doubt if there was also a TEST request sent by the vessel to 006010060 at the same time that might have caused the transmission you're hoping to have received to have been sent from 006010060.

I don't know how MutiPSK indicates the various errors, but it's obvious that your message has some problem(s). I'm not sure which symbol is being reported as having parity errors in DX and RX copies (Error (DX=0111011001 RX=0001011001) )

The final "3" in the sender MMSI is doubtful though.

0 60 10 6 3

00 60 10 06 03 => 006010060 since the final digit is usually zero and always ignored in MultiPSK, DSCDecoder and YaDD. SeaTTY does show the final hidden digit, and Rich can perhaps confirm that in >99% of cases it's a zero. Although some senders DO have a non-zero final digit to indicate a sub-station on a larger vessel, I don't think this is the case here.

I'm afraid it's too dubious, especially with the matching TEST REQuest to Capetown reported by OE3WYC, to think it's from 006010060 / Imtech.



On 07/04/2019 16:57, peter via Groups.Io wrote:
Hi John,
Perhaps you could have a look at this recent Multipsk logging on 8414.5 Khz and see whether it stands up to your tests for possible veracity? The ship was off the S African coast at the time and this station has been logged previously
(HF=8.4145 MHz) <Selective call to a particular individual station>
Called MMSI station address: 636090534 [Ship] (E.R. WILHELMSHAVEN, ELZY3, Cargo - Liberia)
Category: Safety
MMSI self-identifier: 006010060 [Coast station: 33°57'S 025°37'E Port Elizabeth Imtech] (South Africa)
Telecommand 1: Test
No control by check sum.
Codes: 120 120 63 60 90 53 40 108 0 60 10 6 3 118 Error (DX=0111011001 RX=0001011001)
Date and time of decoding: 04/04/2019 00:03:15
Thanks in advance,
Peter    g3ufi
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