Possible 006010060


Hi John,

Perhaps you could have a look at this recent Multipsk logging on 8414.5 Khz and see whether it stands up to your tests for possible veracity? The ship was off the S African coast at the time and this station has been logged previously

(HF=8.4145 MHz) <Selective call to a particular individual station>
Called MMSI station address: 636090534 [Ship] (E.R. WILHELMSHAVEN, ELZY3, Cargo - Liberia)
Category: Safety
MMSI self-identifier: 006010060 [Coast station: 33°57'S 025°37'E Port Elizabeth Imtech] (South Africa)
Telecommand 1: Test
No control by check sum.
Codes: 120 120 63 60 90 53 40 108 0 60 10 6 3 118 Error (DX=0111011001 RX=0001011001)
Date and time of decoding: 04/04/2019 00:03:15

Thanks in advance,

Peter    g3ufi

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