Dubious reports (again)

Richard Ware

Hello folks

it looks like the 'silly season' has started again, with reports of
coast stations that are not on the frequencies shown by the uploader.
Thankfully there are facilities at YADDNet that search for and root
out this sort of nonsense, but this shouldn't be necessary if
uploaders simply took more care. PLEASE check that your receiver and
YADD show the same frequency and that scanning is de-selected unless
you know what you're doing. If you don't, ASK !

Looking at the attachment (from PD1RUO) we allegedly have Netherlands
CG on 4 and 16Mc/s, Shetland CG on 12, Stornoway on 6 and Falmouth on
It would appear that the receiver is on 2187.5 but something says it's
scanning when it actually isn't. There have been similar reports from
2 other uploaders in the past week or so.

If you're monitoring this list, check this link, scroll to the bottom
and *READ THE WORDS*. Please !


John is trying to make the YADDNet database as accurate as possible.
Reports like these don't help one iota. I'm 99.99% sure that this
isn't being done deliberately. It's just so annoying when it happens
though. Much more and he might well say "enough is enough"


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