Re: REU - DSC Logs from W Scotland


Hi John,
Thanks for the update. I had thought the Snargate TX to be closed, so I feared that I was the victim of another 'false decode'. I'll keep the feed going, then.

Hope the storms went round you and your equipment


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On 11/03/2019 13:57, david via Groups.Io wrote:
I see my system reported Snargate on 2187.5MHz. Rather a surprise but, since
I seem to be the only one who logged it, it could be one of DSC's accidents.
Or, who knows.
Looks like you are one of the lucky few who can occasionally hear Snargate.

They came back "on the air" (using that term loosely....) on 14th Feb,
after Icom UK sorted out their TX power problems (turned out to be
faulty ATU control cable, apparently).

The signal from Snargate seems worse than ever, I can only occasionally
here them om 6MHz, but it doesn't appear that anyone else is hearing them.

There are rumours of a change of location in the near future, putting
the TX and a new long wire on a cliff-top VHF site, using the tower to
support the sloping wire antenna. That just might give them a better
signal, who knows....


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