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Richard Ware

On Thu, 14 Feb 2019 at 13:56, Chris Black <n1cp@...> wrote:

Thanks Richard for that helpful info. Assuming I get all the setup aspects working I still have some questions. I believe in DSCDecoder you are supposed to see the shore station name which comes from a text file. I saw nothing in the documentation just came across this file accidentally. At any rate it appears to be rather out of date. There is also supposed to a Ship Info log. Not sure what’s in there or where it comes from.

The coast station file can be edited by the user using notepad or a
similar editing tool. DSC decoder must be closed down for any
amendments to take effect. You can delete stations you're never going
to hear or add new ones.
Remember though that if you do add additional stations, spaces between
the data columns must be padded out using the spacebar on your
keyboard and not the TAB control.
Just the follow the formatting.

The shipinfo log: I think Bev, the DSC decoder programmer, assumes
that anyone using DSC decoder will also be using his Shipplotter
program. With Shipplotter, every so often, and when you close the
program down, a file is created called "ship-id.txt". This, rather
unsurprisingly, contains a list of ships that are on the Shipplotter
server at the time.

Now, what happens is this.
Assuming you ARE running both Shipplotter and DSC decoder, you need to
point your DSC decoder to the ship-info.txt file in Shipplotter. Yes,
I know it sounds a bit fiddly and confusing but what now happens is
this. If DSC decoder finds a valid entry in the ship-info file it will
add that entry to the ship-id file in DSC Decoder.
If you're NOT running Shipplotter then I assume you have to manually
add ship stations and point DSC decoder to THAT directory. instead
Yes, it's fiddly. I don't use the facility anyway as I prefer to just
see the ship's MMSI number.

I hope I've got those files the right way round as I'm away from home
right now and working from memory. Dangerous !

SeaTTY does not add station names to either ship or coast station MMSI
numbers as names do not form part of a DSC message
You'll also notice that SeaTTY MMSIs are 10 digits (the last one is
usually a zero) rather than the 9 you see in DSC decoder

I admit that the HELP file for DSC decoder isn't exactly overloaded
with info. It could do to be re-written. Some of the the stuff I've
mentioned above was gleaned from messages on the shipplotter group.
I've made loads of notes in a little black book !


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