Re: More duff data

Richard Ware

On Thu, 14 Feb 2019 at 11:36, Ferdi Daleman <ferdidaleman@...> wrote:

Its fixed , remote is out now excuses for the inconvenience. I solved the problem . 73 Ferdi PD9FJ .
Ah, that's good news Ferdi. Thanks

Apologies if I may have come across a bit 'heavy-handed' with my
message but we've recently been going through a spate of uploads like
yours (where YADD says one freq but the receiver says another) and
it's involved John in a lot of running around and behind-the-scenes
filtering when it really shouldn't have been necessary. After a while
it gets to be both frustrating and annoying as we think no-one's
taking any notice of what we're saying.


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